Moving to Brussels & Living in Brussels - Tips

The international nature of the population of Brussels, driven by the presence of institutions such as the European Union and NATO, probably helps to ease some of the problems usually associated with moving to a new country or even continent. Many of the people you have to liaise with, such as real estate agents or landlords, will have experience of dealing with people from other countries, and the multilingual nature of the population helps to ease any issues regarding communication.


Brussels - Hipster City Tour Guide

Brussels Hipster City Tour Guide

The Best Restaurants in Brussels

If you live in Brussels then you’re never going to face any difficulty when it comes to finding places to eat and drink. On virtually every street corner and in all the parks you can find vans serving delicious waffles or stalls selling fantastically fresh seafood. The streets and squares of the centre of the city are lined with cafes, bars and brasseries and, famously, there’s probably no finer city in the world if you’re idea of a good drink is a delicious specialist beer.

The Most Amazing Parks and Green Spaces in Brussels

When you think about living in Brussels, taking advantage of wide open green spaces might not be the first thing that springs to mind. A modern, euro-centric city containing a blend of the historic and the modern, a thriving cultural scene and the chance to sample food and drink from all over the world? All of this is certainly true, but it’s probably not the place to stretch your legs, breath in some fresh air and enjoy a picnic. As anyone who lives there will attest, however, this is something of a misconception.

5 Tips for an Efficient Apartment Search

Unless you’re a multi-millionaire with a team of personal assistants working round the clock to find you the perfect place, searching for an apartment is tough. Even multi-millionaires probably lie awake at night wondering if the pool in that last penthouse was exactly the right shape, but this isn’t about them. This is about you, the average person, trying to find a place to live and wondering if all the pieces will ever fall into place. Perhaps the hardest part about searching for an apartment is that it’s a highly emotional process.

Questions to ask when you’re looking for an Apartment

When you finally find what you think might be the perfect apartment, asking too many questions can seem like tempting fate. If it feels right and its affordable then surely you can just cross your fingers and trust the rest to luck?

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