July 2018

July 2018

  • We ’ve worked extremely hard over the past few months, striving to make your property listing more attractive and bring it into line with the latest high standards offered by internet rentals sites.. We placed greater emphasis on the Listing View. This is where the end user can initially view two of the uploaded images of your property, with the total number of images available displayed in the left corner.
  • A small teaser of the property is also now featured, as is the name of the property manager.
  • Users can now ask questions about your property and share it with friends directly from the listing view.
  • We now make it possible to view icons in both grid and view modes, something which helps to make the site more user-friendly.
  • Users can select which of the modes they prefer while still on the homepage. They are also able to sort the property listings in three ways - by featured, price or date added.
  • Both of the viewing modes available have been tested, and are fully responsive on any device, from your smartphone to your laptop or desktop computer.


  • Pictures

We now require uploaded pictures to be of a minimum size (minimum image resolution of 650px by 500px), which the camera on your smartphone should be more than capable of taking.

This doesn’t affect existing properties already on the site and only applies to those newly listed. Pictures any smaller than this will be stretched and distorted by our application, making your property look unappealing to Homeseekers and ruining the overall look of the site. We will soon be preparing a comprehensive guide to getting the best results when taking pictures of your property. If you have any questions in the meantime, please contact us.


  • Property detail page

We have cleaned up the visual layout of the property details page and simplified the left-hand side, where all the metadata about your property is displayed.


  • We are also using now icons to describe your property amenities, something which enhances the user-friendliness of the site.


  • Published blog posts

We’ve also added our latest blog posts in a block on the right hand side of the property details.

This makes it simpler for the end user to enjoy direct access to all of the blogs we publish

  • Price

The price charged for a  featured ad will be soon updated to 25€ inc. 21% VAT. After a lengthy internal debate, it was felt that we had to update the price of a featured listing to reflect the improvements being made. We worked hard to keep the rise as minimal as possible, and to maintain the free one month period. We also offer the assurance that the choice of a free ad will always be available.  


  • Dashboard update

When using your dashboard, you can directly access messages sent in response to the properties you’ve displayed. Clicking on the ‘Messages’ link will take you directly to the messages thread.



  • Partnerships

We’re always on the lookout for viable partnerships which can be beneficial to both EU-rentals and to the partner in question. If you’re interested in working with the a rapidly growing rentals listing site which is the best in the business, then get in touch and we can share our ideas.


  • Survey

We are currently preparing a user survey which will be launched soon. We want to know how you feel about our site, and what changes you’d like to see in order to make you even happier with our service.