TEMPORARILY RENT -room EU neighbourhood from February 2020


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500 €


6 Months



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Welcoming a young worker with a true dog feeling to enjoy independent second floor of my house located in the EU neighbourhood. There are 2 bedrooms on this floor, a small level set as a cloakroom, a separate toilet and a shared place where a kitchen and a shower room have been conceived. The room is kinda of designed for an EU trainee, but is available from February already, for the case of someone wanting to move in before the traineeship starting in March, or a non-trainee looking for short-term accommodation.

The person wishing to share the house should preferably be or have been a dog owner and willing to give trust and get trust back from the four-legged. I have adopted Maggie May now more than one year ago, I take her to class every week, I am sometimes wondering whether she has any energy in her, but when she suddenly notifies me a tenant is coming home, I have no doubt about it anymore. She is from mixed races, simultaneously adorable and protective, and will get to recognising you after a time, that can be short. Therefore, it would be appreciated you greet her regularly, so she gets to know the people in the house and avoids barking unnecessarily. Her space downstairs is totally separable by doors and she is not allowed upstairs.

The room is located at the backside of the house, which means sunlight, view on the gardens and no cars’ noise, all of it over-compensating the small size. There is a single bed, a nightstand, a wardrobe, a desk, an armchair and a low table. And a ‘niche’, an extra cozy corner a little level higher than the bed. There are actually two mattresses on the single bed, and an extra bed frame under it. That way you can welcome a visitor sleeping on a sperate bed.

The kitchen space comes fully equipped with 4 gas-heated cooking spouts, a fridge with small freezing area, a multi-function oven, all cooking utilities and a lot of shelves to organise it the way you want.

In the shower area, you will find towels and shelves to put your personal bathroom comfort on.

I provide bed linen, bathroom towels, kitchen textile and paper, cleaning products, toilet paper, and litter bags.

500€ all in, including unlimited wifi, heating, electricity, gas, water, regular cleaning (twice a month) of your room and the shared place by myself.

Heating wifi-controlled on your own smartphone, tablet or computer (I set a programme, you adapt it according to your needs).

Ironing table and iron at your disposal on your floor.
Unfortunately I can not put my washing machine at your disposal: it is located in a private area, it is  low energy-consuming material (programmes last 3 to 4 hours) , on a night reduced pricing and is most of the time programmed one day ahead.

Registration at the address is mandatory for a matter of water invoicing (Belgium’s absurd rules…).

I am quite regarding towards hygiene and home care (meaning I don’t care about mess, as long as it doesn’t get filthy).

For the rest, easy-going atmosphere, and always happy to help you with living-in-Brussels related matters. I have two daughters, aged 19 and 15, who on & off pop in. They also take care of the dog when I am away. Welcome to visit more or less any time !


  • Cafetiere

  • Central heating

  • Close to public transportation

  • Close to restaurants

  • Close to the EU institutions

  • Furnished

  • Internet

  • Iron

  • Microwave

  • Parquet


In the vicinity

  • A T'al Deg ( 271m walking distance)
  • Terracotta Pizze & Tapas ( 348m walking distance)
  • Taverne Avenida ( 225m walking distance)
  • Terracotta ( 298m walking distance)
  • Italia Corner ( 349m walking distance)
  • Beobank ( 536m walking distance)
  • Beobank ( 170m walking distance)
  • AXA ( 272m walking distance)
  • KBC ( 234m walking distance)
  • BNP Paribas Fortis ( 275m walking distance)
  • Acacias ( 430m walking distance)
  • Onze Novembre ( 297m walking distance)
  • Etterbeek Louis Hap ( 513m walking distance)
  • Leman ( 299m walking distance)
  • Etterbeek Avenue de la Chasse ( 418m walking distance)
  • HunkemöLler Brussel ChausséE de Wavre ( 498m walking distance)
  • Centre Belge du Vitrail Pierre Majerus ( 57m walking distance)
  • Cadr'Art ( 52m walking distance)
  • Bio Marché ( 290m walking distance)
  • Eureka Antiquaire ( 436m walking distance)
  • Psycho-Etterbeek ( 95m walking distance)
  • Clinique Baron Lambert ( 77m walking distance)
  • Pire/Philippe ( 126m walking distance)
  • Centre Mieux-Etre, Mieux-Naitre ( 126m walking distance)
  • Dentiste Dr. Wang ( 449m walking distance)
  • A T'al Deg ( 271m walking distance)
  • Ombre et Silhouettes ( 476m walking distance)
  • Café des Ardennes ( 429m walking distance)
  • Club 69 ( 471m walking distance)
  • L'Arriere-Scene ( 362m walking distance)
  • Carrefour Market ( 887m walking distance)
  • Tindahan Fil-Asian Shop ( 231m walking distance)
  • Rosy Dis ( 290m walking distance)
  • Connect World ( 435m walking distance)
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  • Secundum Artem ( 188m walking distance)
  • Lebout ( 239m walking distance)
  • Pharmacie de la Chasse ( 248m walking distance)
  • Réunies ( 449m walking distance)
  • Shell express ( 645m walking distance)
  • OCTA+ ( 726m walking distance)
  • La Licorne Blanche ( 1337m walking distance)
  • Crèches de Belgique - Fée Clochette ( 419m walking distance)
  • Crèches de Belgique - aux Amis de Némo ( 82m walking distance)
  • Ô Graines d'Éveil ( 440m walking distance)
  • Communauté Educative Sainte Geneviève ( 720m walking distance)



Etterbeek is one of the nineteen municipalities located in the Brussels-Capital Region of Belgium. It neighbours the municipalities of the City of Brussels, Ixelles, Auderghem, Woluwe-Saint-Pierre, Woluwe-Saint-Lambert and Schaerbeek. The main university campus of Vrije Universiteit Brussel is called Campus Etterbeek, although it is geographically not within Etterbeek but in the adjacent municipality of Ixelles.

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